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With WatchMeNow you post your position (if you want) and whether you are in time or late with one click from your watch or iPhone to facebook.

If you’re on your way to your boy- or girlfriend, your friends or family and you’re getting late, you are in a hurry and want to inform your friends very fast, then this is the app for you. Especially if you are driving a car, you shouldn’t get distracted by posting long texts.

With the app you have the opportunity to inform your friends with just one click on your watch or iPhone. On the app, just use one of the buttons “in time”, “to late” or “to early”. The app automatically localizes you, marks your position on an open street maps adds text and posts this to facebook. Your friends can now see from your FB status where you are and guess the time you arrive.

The watch app even has a complication, this means, if you use the complication, you jump from your watch face directly to the app with the buttons.

You can change the texts, header and descriptions of the facebook post in the app before, so they to reflect your personal style.

Deutsch: WatchMeNow! ist eine App um mittels Apple Watch oder mit der App vorkonfigurierbare Statusmeldungen an seine Facebookfreunde zu schicken. Wenn gewünscht wird auch der momentane Aufenthaltsort ermittelt und gepostet.


Facebook Page.
Deutsch Stichworte: Apple Watch, Komplikation, wie mach ich eine eigene Komplikation, Numerous Ersatz, Numerous Alternative.

Data privacy:
The app WatchMeNow has the purpose to post the user position to Facebook. For this the user has to give the app the permission to localize his/her position and the permission to post on Facebook. The app doesn’t save or send this information to any third party.


  1. The English in the app is bad. Where you have “to late” and “to early,” it should be “too late” and “too early” — also, where you have “Even to early,” this does not make any sense in the English language (even if you had “Even too early,” it would still be glaringly wrong, foreign, German-English). Instead of “Even to early,” I think you mean “Somewhat too early.” If you fix this, I will give you five stars in the App Store.

    1. You’re right. I fixed it, and just started the upload process. Did you notice, that you can change the texts which will be published to fb?

      Thx and greetings from Munich, Johannes

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